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Influencers Dominate With Live Broadcasts

Now anyone can broadcast live video ( and stream it from their own site with new software direct from VideoWhisper. Perfect for Influencers, Facebook Reels Users , TikTok streamers. Instagram Individuals.

Broadcast Live Video is a solution for streaming live from your own site. The software includes web based applications and scripts that allow broadcasting and managing unlimited live video channels. Included HTML5 live streaming capabilities for PC and mobile users, 100% web based, with no downloads or Flash required.

Compared to using other platforms, with this solution you run your own service. When running your own platform you can control access (by membership, access lists, pay per channel), content, features, ads, setup your own terms of use and policies. Your followers register on your site, you own your database and content, you can use various alternate billing gateways to sell membership, access and digital content. Full income: You don’t have to share income from ads/membership/content with other platforms.

Quick setup bundle packages for full mode license + complete hosting are available from $75/month.

See a demo here:

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