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Manage and Process Audit Proof Documents With PDF and Print Technology from soft Xpansion

soft Xpansion offers various professional PDF editing programs as well as Genealogy software for computer-based ancestry research in its Online Shop.

soft Xpansion, headquartered in Bochum, Germany, is an international team of software architects, analysts, programmers, screen designers and engineers founded in 1995. Soft Xpansion’s portfolio is made up of innovative software libraries for developers, out-of-the-box products and custom development projects. The Company's focus is on PDF technology, document and database management systems as well as utilities and individual programming. Since its founding, it has developed and published more than 250 desktop B2C software products and more than 100 individual projects in many countries worldwide.

B2B products like the PDF Xpansion SDK, server and special solutions are used in Germany, Great Britain, the USA, France, Japan, Russia, Slovenia, the Ukraine and other countries. More than 20 years of IT and development experience cover the whole spectrum of software releases, from initial market analysis to the finished product. The main product families of soft Xpansion consist of PDF and printing tools, which help end users or software developers to manage and process audit-proof electronic documents. The development of PDF & print technology “PDF Xpansion” was started in 2002 and is used in more than 1 million installations worldwide. The product portfolio of soft Xpansion moves on different levels, depending on the tasks and requirements of the users. These are seen here and include:

PDF Xpansion SDK 15

Flexible and powerful development tools for implementation of high-performance solutions of many PDF software applications, like the Windows Store Apps or ZUGFeRD 2.0, XRechnung & Factur-X.

Server & Network

Network licenses and Server licenses provides the efficient integration of the Perfect PDF® & Print family for the professional processing of PDFs in your company network.

Perfect PDF® for Desktop PCs

The Perfect PDF® & Print product family permits you the foolproof editing of existing PDF files – like a text processing program.

Electronic Invoices

EU-compliant invoice generation according to standard EN 16931 with the PDF SDK: ZUGFeRD 2.1.1/2.0, XRechnung as well as Factur-X – All versions and profiles! Also for .NET!

DMS Solutions

Solutions for document management for corporations and large companies are on multiple platforms (EMC Documentum, SharePoint and Alfresco) available.

Perfect PDF® Apps

You can get updated apps for Windows 10 for the extensive work of documents in the Windows Store. Tutorials of the apps are available on our YouTube Channel.

Product discounts of 25% are available for these items with code sx_aff10 - 25%

Perfect PDF 10 Converter

Perfect PDF 10 Converter (family package)

Perfect PDF 10 Converter (company)

Perfect PDF & Print 10

Perfect PDF & Print 10 (family package)

Perfect PDF & Print 10 (company)

Product discounts of 15% are available for these items with code sx_aff11 - 15%

Perfect PDF 11 Premium

Perfect PDF 11 Premium (family package)

Perfect PDF 11 Premium (office)


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