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Multiplayer Rummy Game Supports Linux, Windows, Mac

Play RRRummy together at

Get together with your relatives and friends, even when you are miles apart, in a multiplayer game of RRRummy.

Meet other Tile Rummy fans from all over the world and make new friends. See

Play RRRummy with your parents, or grandchildren

Play with four people on a single license

Win stars in a competition

Play RRRummy against the computer

Have years of fun playing your daily game of RRRummy. Try and beat the computer players, at the difficulty level that suits you best, in one of the many game variations.

Keep your brain in shape! See

Meet six different computer players

Play at your own difficulty level

Choose from many game variations

Included games

Tile Rummy type:

RRRummy, Dutch Rummy, Tiles 50, Pup Rummy, Easy Rummy

Manipulation type:

Carousel, Shanghai

Gin Rummy type:

Jin Rummy, Tonic Rummy

Original variations:

Rozzy, Windmill, Acceleration

...and more.

You can add your own game variations, too! Download it today. Compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux at


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