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Need Help Growing Your Business?

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

Need help growing your business? We've successfully served organizations of all sizes since 1998 in a variety of sales, marketing, business development and management roles. When can we review your opportunity?

Experienced, effective, well-connected, and ready to start your project today!

We’ve been all about digital marketing, sales and business development since we began operations 24 years ago. Like you, we are in it for the long haul. We work with Intellectual Property rights holders: publishers, artists, videographers, musicians, technologists, service providers, manufacturers and others aligned with mobile and internet centric businesses. We primarily represent start-ups and early stages organizations. We are a recognized leader in global digital distribution across multiple channels and have successfully served leading providers in a variety of sales, marketing and business development roles.

We provide expert and economical representation in digital sales and distribution to resellers, online marketplaces, portals, ISPs and OEMs. Our organization has an extensive rolodex of contacts among manufacturers of PCs, Mac, and Linux products, Tablets, eBook readers and Smartphones. We have successfully represented our clients to myriad B2B and B2C resellers and strategic partners for more than 24 years.

AffiliateMarketingDeals is @Sales & Marketing's blog/store where buyers find great offers from across the Internet. We work with leading, secure order processing affiliate marketing platforms including Awin, ShareASale, Rakuten, Avangate, Mac/Win Game Store, iQU and more. Products and services offered oftentimes include exclusive discounts available only here. @Sales & Marketing may receive compensation for orders placed. If you need help establishing your affiliate marketing program, we're ready to serve.

Do you have a need for services such as those described above? Can we set a time to discuss ways we might work together? We look forward to your inquiry.


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