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Smartphone Footage Turned Into Lifelong Keepsake

When you choose to purchase your own Little Laughter Film (, you choose to preserve the best clips on your smartphone – and some of them will surprise you and probably make you regret not taking up a career in Film & TV…

Well, as experienced filmmakers with years spent in the wedding industry, Little Laughter Films decided to put their talents and passions to the best possible use – helping parents and their kids make memories that last forever. See

Sure, there are plenty of companies that turn your smartphone videos into “movies”, but the term “movies” is thrown around way too lightly these days. Little Laughter Films' personnel are experienced video editors with a sharp eye and a keen sense of timing, pace, and composition, meaning they CAN and WILL give you a video that no price tag can do justice. See

Little Laughter Films takes all of the random video clips gathering digital dust on your smartphone, tablet – you name it – and will spend hours viewing, filtering, shortlisting, and finalizing a “highlight reel” that will knock your socks off. Their editors passion for what they do shows in every second of every reel delivered to parents worldwide, with clever editing, upbeat music, and an effortlessly nostalgic montage that’ll make you smile for days. See

It’s OK to cry. A lot of the moments you’ll see will be from clips you haven’t viewed in years, and Little Laughter Films will bring them back into focus through a new lens. See


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