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The Big Idea Involves You, Your Video and Your Smartphone

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

They were right when they warned you that children grow up fast, and childhood really does fly by in the blink of an eye. See Little Laughter Films here and save 10% or more when you shop direct with the Company.

In an effort to capture every fleeting moment, we’re sure your smartphone – perhaps half-eaten by your toddler or dog (what’s the difference?) – is permanently on hand to snap proof of your child’s latest tricks. Little Laughter Films is sure your device is bursting at the seams with clips of their first words, first steps, unexpected tantrums mid-film, and so, so much more. Think about it – how many videos would you say you have on your smartphone of your child’s life so far? Hundreds? Thousands? More importantly, when did you plan on looking through all of them again? The sad reality is that most of these precious videos will do little more than gather digital dust for years to come, unless you happen to have the time to scroll into the oblivion of yesteryear to find the video of that time Johnny took the cookie from the cookie jar. Well, enough sad violins moms and dads. The time has come to take ALL of the BEST clips on your smartphone’s reel and transform them into something you can always have on-hand to watch again…and again…and again. No more scrolling to find that one video of your little monster busting a move for the first time. No more forgetting about the hundreds of priceless moments your smartphone has captured.

When you choose to purchase your own Little Laughter Film, you choose to preserve the best clips on your smartphone – and Little Laughter Films promises you, some of them will surprise you and probably make you regret not taking up a career in Film & TV… Well, as experienced filmmakers ourselves the Company decided to put its talents and passions to the best possible use – helping parents and their kids make memories that last forever. These are experienced video editors with a sharp eye and a keen sense of timing, pace, and composition, meaning they CAN and WILL give you a video that no price tag can do justice.

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