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UCode Teaches Children How to Code

UCode is Different. See

Kids learn to code by coding.

It is like learning to play an instrument or a sport. First you need solid fundamentals. Then you learn how to apply them. Practice, practice, practice.

These courses are student led – not instructor led. Students work at their own pace supported by a instructor, not at the pace of the instructor. Slower students are not left behind and faster students are not held back.

The Company's curricula are built from the bottom up – based on the concepts that are the foundations of writing good code. It invests large amount of professional time and energy in developing and refining curriculum every year. Some of the courses are on the 5th or 6th generation and have been refined over almost a decade. Experience counts and we have it.

Finally, there is technology. UCode has built a state of the art Learning Management System that integrates videos of core concepts, exercises, project steps and quizzes. It provides instructors with the insights and data they need to manage your student’s learning progression.

Honestly, his is not for everyone. UCode is for those families who understand that in a world increasingly dominated by technology that this is important. UCode is a community who understand that this is a game changer. If you are looking for games, edutainment or guilt free baby-sitting this is not the place.

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